Design of Sukeno

We are releades latest trend items by regular market researches in Europe and America by Sukeno USA and our product design team in Tokyo, Osaka and Toyama provides to the real-time information which collected in wide range area of japan. And new facility for studying and producing products called LAB has opened and introduced a lot of cutting edged machines. Advanced technical stuff are working and try to produce the Finest items.


Hyd[AgTiO2] is a new advenced catalyst which evaluted photocatalyst and it acts even in the dark. Effective on Pollon/House Dust/ Protain of Mold /Sweat/Bad Smell/ Unsanitary Protain; it changes these substance caused allegy to the numerator Water. Hyd[AgTiO2] Technology has developed by DR.C Iyaku and authoaized the licence.


Good Performanse for any activities by the function of teaping up and compression.


we are solved your annoying by 4 types of products and prepared 3 kind of Texile: Poryester is usefu forl all seasons,, Messy makes us cool in humid summer ,and Wool warms in winter. Lets wear Bi-leggi and dress up beautiful in all season.own brand

Oniwa pants

Oniwa pants which become room-wear and One-mille wear would be preased for wemen. Good quality of texile, and lovely design make you relaxed.own brand


Children Clothes became more Simply and Casual. We are adopt these changes and produced new items.own brand


This brand makes you enjoy every day.own brand


These are the finest products for all adults who enjoy leisure. Would you like to spend a little special holidays with stylish design and special fanction.


We are producing these category: food、fashion、sports、animal、Baby&Kids. .All avarable for any types of Gift Socks.own brand


We released new socks of Warner Bros. Caracters which are widely poppular all generation. It would be made happy.


Suitable for any activities in Outdoor and Outside Event in the long-term holiday, GW, premium Friday etc. We produced 2 way function suits for any occations.